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Overnights in the Everglades

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I’ve never been to the Everglades, but I have been on the water and I’ve been to a great many national parks.  I see a few variables that could throw my trip.  Windy days and the waves they create could keep me away from the coastal waters.  Interior rivers and creeks could be too low to traverse.  Lastly, I might not be able to get a permit for the camp sites I want.

So what’s a cartographer to do?  Plan several itineraries and make maps of course.  This map series uses NOAA Raster Charts as a base.  I overlayed the planned route, camp sites, and a 1k UTM grid for easier navigation.  Finally I exported the map as a PFD.  If you have the Terrago plugin for Acrobat, it will display the coordinates of your mouse in Lat/Lon and MGRS.

The routes and text for these two trips are courtesy of  I just placed them on the map.
ChokoloskeeTurnerLopez EverGlade-PicnicKey
Between the storms, alligators, and mosquitoes I figure I have an 80% chance of surviving this trip.